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Fuck you Zach. I'm done with you.

I don't want you to respond to this. And if you do, I'll delete it without ever reading it. It's not because I'm afraid of what you may say. I'm not afraid of you, not like I used to be. There's just nothing on earth you could say to me that would make me care. Because I don't. Not anymore.

Don't talk to me. You are broken. There's something inside of you so fucked up, a cancer, and it spreads to others. How many limbs have you had to sever in the past year or two? How many friends did you push away, and you're the one who pushed them away, but you didn't make us leave. You didn't cut us out of your life. We left yours. We left you zach, because you are a bastard and we won't take that kind of treatment. And you're the worst kind of bastard, zach. You're the Cassidy kind. You're the one that gets inside people, right into their hearts. But then you wreck it. You think we all changed? Listen to yourself speak, for fuck's sake! What are the odds of nearly all your friends changing at once? You changed zach.

No, I take that back. You didn't change. You're the same judgemental prick you always were, only it used to be that you'd judge people that we all hated. Obvious shitheads and assholes. People who would fuck with us. People who delighted in doing the wrong thing and lived to make others' lives suck. But then something did change. You turned your guns on your own friends and started shooting up the people who loved you the most. You've labled good people, some of the best I've ever met, as bad people. You call them liars and hypocrites and everything else. You are so fucked up.

I don't love you anymore. I don't like you anymore. I don't care about you anymore. And it's not because I had to force myself to not care like you do when you get pissed off. I grew to not care. I discovered I had no other option. I discovered you have absolutly no qualities I find attractive in a friend, because you don't even have loyalty, and I guess I don't know why I ever expected you to have it.. All you've got are your principles and I used to respect you for them, but now you use them as a club to beat off anyone who gets too close.

I once wrote to you that though I didn't think we could hang out like we used to, I was your friend and if you ever needed me, I'd come running. Well fuck you. I'm recinding that offer now. It's gone. I never want you in my life again, not like how you are. I thought I could at least offer to help you through facing your demons if/when you finally had the balls to face them. When you finally realize something had to change and that something was you, but I'm not going to do that anymore. And I'm not even sorry.

If you ever fucking dare to enter my life again, you had better be fixed, and you had better come with references, or I swear, I'm gonna knock you out.
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